Saeeda Hafiz

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We cover a lot of ground in this interview with debut author and memoirist Saeeda Hafiz. Her book, “The Healing: A Memoir of Food, Family and Yoga” is not your typical “I found the right diet/exercise regime/spirtial path and now my life is perfect.” The reality is always a bit more complicated and Saeeda was Read More

Clara Bensen

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When Clara Bensen decided to write a book about her adventure traveling to Turkey, Eastern Europe and the British Isles with Jeff, a university professor she had met just weeks before, on the internet dating site, “OKCupid”, taking with them absolutely NO BAGGAGE, (not even a small backpack), the first thing she did was Google Read More

Paul Cummins

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How does a young, idealistic man from a privileged background become the headmaster of a private school dedicated to providing opportunity to students from all backgrounds, and from there dedicate his entire life to progressive education?  In “Confessions of a Headmaster,” Dr. Paul F Cummins tells the story behind the founding of Crossroads in Los Read More

Inkfingerz 2015 Finalists Announced

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Writers’ Voices and 1st World Publishing, both headquartered in Fairfield, Iowa, have teamed up again to present the 2015 Inkfingerz Creative Prose Contest.   Our 2015 Finalists are: Martin Rosenthal – “Short Stories from Renaissance High” Doug Adams – “The Mist of Carp Lake” Judith Hans-Price “Tsunami Dog” Angela Mailander – “Angela: A Memoir” Chrystel Read More

Valerie Gangas

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After her mother’s death, Valerie Gangas was in a dark place. After her first 20 minutes practicing Transcendental Meditation, that all changed. She had what some people call an “Awakening,” and the pieces of her life started falling into place. “Enlightenment is Sexy” is the story of Valerie’s journey so far, from working for the David Read More

Steve Semken

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Since founding Ice Cube Press in North Liberty, Iowa, Steve Semken has been busy publishing other authors.  Still, he finds time to write.  His seventh book,is titled “Soul External: Rediscovering the Great Blue Heron.”   Orion Magazine’s late environmental book reviewer  Peter Sauer, called this hard-to define book “mythological natural history.”  We’re including it in our memoir section because Read More

Xavier Cavazos

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In “Diamond Grove Slave Tree,” national poetry slam team member and writing teacher Xavier Cavazos paints an unforgettable portrait of George Washington Carver in verse. From the titular poem that describes a lynching that the young Carver witnessed in Missouri, to the poem about his death, the words are spare yet powerful. Xavier Cavazos earned Read More

Warren Goldie

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Some of the most impactful books of the last half-century fall within the genre of visionary fiction. Author Warren Goldie, currently living in Fairfield, Iowa, defines visionary fiction as novels where “…the power of the human mind is a key part of the story. Mystical experiences, visions, profound insights, paranormal experience and all sorts of fascinating phenomena drive the Read More

Tony Kainauskas-Chris Hallinger

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Writers’ Voices introduces two first-time Fairfield authors this week. First up, the long-time proprietor of Fairfield’s sorely missed 21st Century Bookstore, Tony Kainauskas. Tony’s cousin Viktoras is known as the Father of the Raw Foods Movement, and Tony was intimately involved in the development of both that and the Transcendental Meditation movement. After retiring from Read More

David And Rhoda Orme-Johnson

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Drs. David and Rhoda Orme-Johnson are among the pioneers of the Transcendental Meditation that are profiled in George Ellis’ “Symphony of Silence: An Enlightened Vision.”  Both of the Orme-Johnsons were founding faculty members of Maharishi International University (now known as Maharishi University of Management, or MUM) in Fairfield, IA, the home of Writers’ Voices. Dr. Read More