Michael C White

Michael C. White’s seventh novel, “Resting Places” is, as Anita Shreve says, “a beautifully crafted novel of unbearable loss and earned forgiveness.” In this interview, we learn about Michael’s writing process, how far ahead he plots, and why he gravitates towards the woman’s point of view. He cites the influence of his father as a great oral storyteller, and the Read More

Kate Hamer

After a successful career in television and radio in the UK, primarily making documentaries, and raising a family, Kate Hamer decided what she really wanted to do with the rest of her life was write. She had been writing for years, but now she decided to give it her full attention, so off she went off to school for a Read More

Kristina McMorris

Kristina McMorris started her career in the arts at the tender age of 9, hosting an Emmy-award winning TV show. She continued acting in film before opening an event planning company, which led to a stint hosting Weddings Portland Style on the WB network.  Other twists and turns in her career found Kristina becoming a professional emcee, a contributing writer for Portland Bride & Groom  magazine, and a Read More

Julie Long

First-time novelist Julie Long was born and raised in Fairfield, Iowa. She was uprooted in her early teens, and when she next returned to Fairfield she found it had been partially taken over by…. Meditators! If you think the average small college town has a town-gown divide, you haven’t seen anything. But Julie herself had gotten into yoga, and Reiki, Read More

Rudy Wilson (Girl Walking Backwards)

Fairfield author, Rudy Wilson, returns again for a visit on Writers’ Voices to discuss his novel, “Girl Walking Backwards” and much more. Rudy is best known for his novel, “The Red Truck”, and has an MFA in English/Fiction Writing, from the University of Iowa’s Writers’ Workshop, where he was a manuscript reader for admissions to the prestigious graduate writing program. Read More

Warren Goldie

Some of the most impactful books of the last half-century fall within the genre of visionary fiction. Author Warren Goldie, currently living in Fairfield, Iowa, defines visionary fiction as novels where “…the power of the human mind is a key part of the story. Mystical experiences, visions, profound insights, paranormal experience and all sorts of fascinating phenomena drive the plot and characters—and often point Read More

Kate McGuinness

Kate McGuinness just published her first novel, “Terminal Ambition,” a legal thriller that explores issues of sexual harassment and discrimination. It was put out by Kate’s publishing company Two XX Press. Kate studied writing at the University of Southern California under the tutelage of Janet Fitch, who authored the Oprah Book Club selection “White Oleander.” She pursued further studies in Read More

B.K. Loren

B.K. Loren joins us for a discussion of her debut novel, “Theft,” categorized by writer Ann Pancake as a riveting combination of “part environmental novel, part elegy to place, part family tragedy, part murder mystery.” Her writing has garnered Pushcart nominations, fellowships, and inclusion among Best American Spiritual Writing anthologies. She has worked as a naturalist, large predator monitor for Read More

Larry Baker

Larry Baker, an Iowa City writer, returns to Writers’ Voices to discuss his new book, “Love and Other Delusions”. This book puts a fresh perspective on a story of a married woman’s affair with a younger man. It is a complicated and confusing journey inside a relationship. Larry’s other books include, “Athens, America” and “The Flamingo Rising”. He is also Read More

Caroline Preston

Caroline Preston has created the first ever scrapbook novel, “The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt: A Novel in Pictures”. Growing up enamored with her families scrapbooks, she has collected a large collection of vintage ephemera, including vintage postcards, magazine ads, ticket stubs, catalog pages, fabric swatches, fashion spreads, menus, and more. All of which she uses to capture the spirit of Read More

Rae Bryant

Emerging writer, Rae Bryant is a teacher at the John Hopkins University graduate writing program and is editor-in-chief of the program’s new literary and arts journal. “The Indefinite State of Imaginary Morals”, Her short story collection, is a Pen Hemingway and Pushcart award nominee. This collection pushes the boundaries and explores all the humor and tragedy found in everyday modern Read More

Luis Alberto Urrea

Luis Alberto Urrea, the 2005 Pulitzer Prize finalist for nonfiction, discusses his most recent novel, “Queen of America”. Following beloved healer and “Saint of Cabora”, Teresita Urrea, as she flees with her father from Mexico, the book, a sequel to Urrea’s “The Hummingbird’s Daughter”, takes the reader on a journey through turn of the century New York, San Francisco, St. Read More

Zachary Michael Jack

Seventh-generation Iowan, Zachary Michael Jack has written the book, “Native Soulmate: A Season in Search of a Love Homegrown”. It tells of his attempts to love fresh, love local. Travelling across the state of Iowa, giving lectures and signing books, Zachary tests his theory that the girl of his dreams may be closer than he imagines. Zachary Jack has authored Read More

Monte Schulz

Monte Schulz, son of famed Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz, is our guest. Monte is the author of several books, including his upcoming novel, “The Big Town”, the third book in Schulz’s trilogy of books delving into the American psyche during the Jazz Age. The book follows the story of a failed businessman, whose future prosperity hinges on a secret proposition Read More

Zoe Ghahremani

This episode features a discussion with author Zoe Ghahremani, author of “Sky of Red Poppies”. The book, Zoe’s first, starts with a strange friendship between two women coming of age in a politically divided 1960’s Iran under rule of the Shah. The book is a glimpse into a part of the world that many people in western civilization are unaware. Read More

Rudy Wilson (On Writing)

This show welcomes back Fairfield, IA based writer, Rudy Wilson. In this interview, Rudy talks about the writing process, his current work, and much more. Wilson’s books include “The Red Truck”, “Sonja’s Blue,” and more. Rudy was honored with the James Michener Fellowship, a CCLM-GE Award for Fiction published in “The Paris Review”. He has also been awarded an NEA Read More

Anne Lamott

Tune in to this very special Writers’ Voices as we welcome one of our favorite authors, Anne Lamott. “Imperfect Birds” is Lamott’s most recent novel. It tells of seventeen-year old Rosie Ferguson, who’s seemingly perfect life is shown false as the truth about her addiction and deceit is exposed and her parents are forced to deal with the consequences. Lamott, Read More

Anola Pickett

Cheryl Fusco Johnson takes hosting duties on this Writers’ Voices with guest Anola Pickett. Anola is the author of a historical juvenile fiction novel “Wasatch Summer”, published by Cedar Fort. The book tells the coming of age tale of eleven-year old Hannah Turner as she faces unlikely dangers as she watches her family’s sheep in the mountains. A former teacher Read More

Bob Saar

This show features an interview with Bob Saar, from Burlington, Iowa. His most recent novel is titled “In Memory of David’s Buick”. The book tells the story of Iowa songwriter Bucky Minnow, who’s song David’s Buick, was ripped off by booking agent, Buddy Payola, and Dusty Bodine, who uses Bucky’s song and a magic guitar to return to fame. To Read More

Susan Collins

The Midwest Writing Center, in Davenport, Iowa, has for over 30 years been offering opportunities and resources for writers and readers throughout the Quad Cities region and beyond. On this Writers’ Voices, we will be having a conversation with Susan Collins, the Writing Center’s Board President. The Midwest Writing Center offers a space for readings, writer’s retreat, book clubs, book Read More

Leigh Michaels

It might help to get into a romantic mood for this Writers’ Voices because our guest this week is Ottumwa-native Leigh Michaels. Leigh, the author of over 80 romance novels with over 35 million copies of her novels published, has had her work translated in over 25 languages and published in more than 120 countries. “The Mistress’ House”, her most Read More

Mary Helen Stefaniak

Listen in to this episode of Writers’ Voices for a delightful interview with Mary Helen Stefaniak. “The Cailiffs of Baghdad, Georgia: A Novel”, Stefaniak’s most recent book, takes readers from the American South to the banks of the Tigris River and back again. The book, which takes place during Depression-era Georgia, tells of what happens when a new, unconventional and Read More