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This show features an interview with Bob Saar, from Burlington, Iowa. His most recent novel is titled “In Memory of David’s Buick”. The book tells the story of Iowa songwriter Bucky Minnow, who’s song David’s Buick, was ripped off by booking agent, Buddy Payola, and Dusty Bodine, who uses Bucky’s song and a magic guitar to return to fame. To get his song back, Bucky takes off on a road trip that takes him through incredible misadventures like no other and ultimately leads him to the meaning of life. Other characters in this book include Bucky’s girlfriend, Lido Wan, Shadow guitarist Dogus, disc jockey Roy Lukas, an ancient medicine man, two ethereal spirits, and a host of FBI agents. Bob’s book takes a unique view of life, love, war, rock ‘n’ roll, Iowa, and sweater-clad Chihuahuas trapped inside hot automobiles.

Bob has worked as a professional writer, columnist, videographer and musician.

Tune in for what is sure to be a fun and exciting interview.


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