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Kristina McMorris started her career in the arts at the tender age of 9, hosting an Emmy-award winning TV show. She continued acting in film before opening an event planning company, which led to a stint hosting Weddings Portland Style on the WB network.  Other twists and turns in her career found Kristina becoming a professional emcee, a contributing writer for Portland Bride & Groom  magazine, and a director of public relations.  Her first book was Grandma Jean’s Rainy Day Recipes, which Kristina self-published in 2001. In the process of writing her Grandma’s bio for the book, she ran across letters from her grandfather while serving in WWII.  These became the basis of her first novel, Letters from Home.

Kristina’4th novel, The Edge of Lost, is a wonderfully gripping story of a young Irish lad who immigrates to the US in 1919 and ends up in the famed Alcatraz prison.  The story was inspired by a documentary titled The Children of Alcatraz, about children who grew up on the island.  She really got into researching the history of Alcatraz, particularly the various escape attempts over the decades.


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