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This is Michelle Gable’s second appearance on Writers’ Voices in less than a year. We first interviewed her in September 2015 when the paperback of her bestselling debut novel “A Paris Apartment” came out. Now she’s touring with her second published book (and we do talk about all the unpublished ones that came before), “I’ll See You in Paris.”

Both books combine real historical characters and situations with historical and modern-day fictional ones. In “I’ll See You in Paris”, the author juggles three time periods and related story lines, and we discuss the challenges presented by such a complex structure.

Michelle credits the Paris connection with helping her break down the “debut novelist” barrier. One of her earlier novels went to auction after multiple publishers indicated interest, but all of them backed out when their marketing departments objected to the difficulty of marketing fiction by new, “no-name” authors. In this interview we cover everything from research to outlining to writing to getting published.

The success of these first two books brought Michelle a multi-book contract, so we can look forward to many more!

I wrote almost all of “I’ll See You in Paris” in pencil, by hand… it’s a matter of getting it (writing) in where you can. I have some tricks. I always stop in the middle of something so it’s easier to pick back up the next time – you’re not staring at the middle of a blank page.

We all have privileges, strengths and abilities. Take advantage of yours. Remember, there’s no guarantee on time. Begin now.


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