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We loved talking with Lucia René, who has been a professional actress, a computer science consultant, a teacher of self-discovery, and more recently, a writer.

Lucia’s 40 year exploration of consciousness has drawn her to the practices of Hinduism, Zen, Vadriyana Buddhism, and Advaita and a 17-year apprenticeship to an enlightened master of American Buddhism, mysticism, and psychic development.

She has been ordained as a Buddhist monk and lectured on meditation and mysticism at universities throughout the United States including University of Colorado, University of California, and Northwestern University.

Between 2002 and 2007, using her mystical training, Lucia collaborated with other female mystics to identify the hidden energy structures underlying our economic-social-political systems. She deconstructed her personal buy-ins to those structures, and now offers herself in service to facilitate the dismantling of the structures themselves and their vice-grip on the global collective consciousness.

Lucia’s current work involves monitoring the evolution of Mother Earth and collaborating with groups of women to facilitate the One Heart/One Mind. This is a delicate network of rarefied energies that connects, synchronizes, and uplifts world consciousness. This energy network is becoming increasingly activated as we transition into the post-2012 Aquarian Age.


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