Alana Waksman

Alana Waksman is a young independent filmmaker, graduate of USC film school, who moved to Montana to truly experience the environment in which she planned to set her first feature-length film, “Cheyenne is Burning.” In this interview, we follow Alana along the path from high school and college theater, to short story writing, to screen writing, directing and producing.More about Read More

Caterina Titus

Writing is usually a solitary pursuit, and to publish a book requires a great deal of individual effort. There are pluses and minuses to that fact. The plus is that success is largely up to the writer, especially with the current self-publishing options, and the minus is.. it is largely up to the writer. Writing a screenplay requires much of Read More

John Rainey

This Writers’ Voices takes a focus on screen writing with guest John Rainey. John began as a professional actor, but worked his way into becoming one of the industry’s most sought after script consultants. Creative Screenwriting magazine voted John #1 script analyst in the country. He has professionally analyzed and consulted on thousands of scripts. John worked as script consultant Read More

Brent Marchant

Everyone from Oprah to Larry King and in movies like What The Bleep?! and The Secret has been talking about Concious Creation. This week’s Writers’ Voices will be discussing conscious creation and the movies. Monica Hadley and guest co-host Bruce Miller, of KRUU’s The Filmoshophers, will be talking with Brent Marchant, author of “Get the Picture: Conscious Creation Goes to Read More

Sherry Ellis And Carolyn Moncel

Writers’ Voices featues two guests this week. First, Sherry Ellis returns to the show to discuss her newest book, “Now Write! Screenwriting: Screenwriting Exercises from Today’s Best Writers and Teachers”. Like previous installments in this series, this book offers the aspiring screenwriter many exercises and much advice from working movie and television writers and other experts in the business. The Read More

Randolph Hobler

Our guest this week on Writers’ Voices is Randy Hobler. He is a composer, lyricist and book writer of the bio-musical fantasy Banjo Boy, which tells the story of how the ghost of Meredith Wilson (author of The Music Man) goes back in time to attempt to invisibly persuade his teenage self to avoid  three critical life mistakes he made Read More