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Brett Blumenthal has spent most of her adult life writing and speaking about wellness.. “52 Small Changes for the Mind” is Brett’s fourth book, building on the success of “52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier, Healthier You,’ which was published in 2012. Both books are based on the proven idea that small changes work, whereas trying to change everything at once is really hard to pull off.

In “52 Small Changes for the Mind” Brett focuses on mental well-being, which she considers the basis of overall health. These small changes cover a lot of ground – from journal writing to aromatherapy!
Brett believes that the best way to make a change is to break it up into small pieces.

In this interview Brett talks about her journey from blogger to published author. She says “I don’t find blogging nearly as gratifying as writing books,” but blogging provided the means by which she developed her audience, and that helped sell books. She self-published her first book on Amazon’s Create Space but because she had a following, Amazon Works reached out to her to republish it. For her current book, she decided to go with a traditional publisher that would help promote the print version.

While blogging may not be as important as it once was, Brett emphasizes the value of social media for today’s authors.

It all started with being picked last for gym class.

Brett Blumenthal

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