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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Christine Arylo speaks on the self-love, and the international holiday she created to celebrate it.  Her book, Choosing Me Before We, gives tips and tools for discovering your core values in partnership, and encourages you not to settle for less. You may have seen Christine featured on many national TV shows, but we were lucky to get a whole hour with her to go beyond sound-bites and really talk about relationships, good signs and bad, following your intuition, and much more.  In the second half of the interview we also discussed the writing and publishing process and how this book came to be.

Christine traded in her career helping to build brand images for companies like Gap, Visa, and Frito Lay, to help 21st Century women find the love they are looking for — within themselves, and within fulfilling relationships based on that core strength of self-knowledge and self-love.

You can read Chamaigne’s behind-the-scenes comments here.


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