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The theme of Sallie Felton’s work is, in her words, “Start Where You Stand.”  This life coach, author, radio show host, facilitator, hypnotherapist, and inspirational speaker uses the metaphor of a tree to depict life balance, and a tree certainly does start where it stands!    Felton’s insightful and penetrating questions gave me pause, and I thought I had life balance under control already.

20 years ago, Sallie Felton made a major life change to follow her passion and she hasn’t looked back. Sallie’s writing is featured in the upcoming anthology “GPS For Success”, which also features writing from prior Writers’ Voices guest Stephen Covey. Hear the story of how she became a popular free radio online host with her show “A Fresh Start” featuring inspirational guests, and how she branched out from there!

Make sure to tune in for this fascinating conversation!


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