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Writers’ Voices welcomes two guests with books helping others deal with difficult life issues.

Over 12,000 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer each year, dramatically altering their lives and lives of their families. Lynda Young has written a helpful and compassionate book to give support to those families. “Hope for Families of Children with Cancer” presents encouraging short stories, helpful hints, inspiring scriptures and prayers, and resources designed to help the overwhelmed and hurting parents dealing with new feelings and situations.
Our second guest, Janet Thompson has written “Dear God, Why Can’t I Have A Baby: A Companion Guide for Couples on the Infertility Journey”. Her book takes the reader through the infertility process. Having dealt with it herself, Janet provides women and couples with tools, direction, guidance, hope, and encouragement.


Monica Hadley is co-founder, host and producer of Writers' Voices on KRUU 100.1 fm in Fairfield, Iowa, a community low power radio station, and webmaster at

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