My Thoughts on Robyn O’Brien’s Interview

by Chamaigne Montana on March 10, 2010

I was really looking forward to this interview with Robyn O’Brien. The book was a great read, and very informative, even though the general gist of the information wasn’t new to me. I grew up knowing about the health hazards of food additives, and I was working with Richard Heinberg when he wrote one of the early books on GMOs in 1999.

What was lovely to me about this book was the personal narrative weaving through the book as Robyn told her story of discovery.  I could relate, as I have been on my own journey of health-prompted research to uncover  information I wasn’t sure I really wanted to know.  I could relate on an emotional level to how Robyn came to this knowledge having a vested interest that would not allow her to turn away or remain indifferent.  There comes a time when we must choose between looking truth in the eye and maintaining the comfortable illusion that all is well.

I was also very impressed at Robyn’s cooking hints section in the back of the book, where she acknowledges that baby steps are often required to make dietary changes, especially with children. As dangerous as some of these foods are, Robyn takes a realistic, moderate approach, aiming for 80% food purity and leaving 20% for flexible, fun, and social eating.  We all have to make our own compromises, and Robyn’s book is an understanding friend for those finding their way to their own balance.

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