4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

The 4hours workweek was designed by Timothy Ferriss to help people escape their daily routine of spending 8 hours or more trying to earn a living. To help you simplify your life, you will find in this book lots of pertinent details about it, besides they will be very helpful to individuals.

The main concept is that increasing productivity you will have to work less time in a given week, to gain the same. New creative solutions to that point are possible: like being able to work less so you will end up having more time to dedicate to experience life and to enjoy everything it has to offer.

One of the best things you can do to increase productivity is simply reduce the amount of disturbances you have in your normal work day. Phones, internet and even music in the background tend to take away from what you accomplish in a single day. If you do put some serious efforts about getting the job done without all those distracting moments: you will increase your productivity.

When that doesn’t work, delegating can be an essential tool. The chain of command implies people working under your supervision the moment you’re sucessful. This is the basic about the work of a normal business. In some cases, this can help you to pass down work that has to be done among more people, who in turn give you back items you need quickly.

The first step to begin this 4 Hour Workweek (as suggested possible by Timothy Ferriss), is to delegate time consuming tasks to others. That will prove to be a must. Since you will have people you can indeed trust, you will be fully able to focus yourself on what you need to do yourself, and no one else.

Most people will find out that the phone can be quite distracting during a single day of work. Listen twice a day to your voicemail, no more, no less. When writing down the messages: focus on those that you can write a short e-mail as an answer, and to those that you have to call back right away. The moment you will answer all the questions in a written form will prevent further phone calls thereafter.

Breaking down the time restrictions is another solution. Many times, there are points that can wait a bit. Those points are the ones we think we have to do in a given amount of time. This will allow you to group tasks together that will require the same amount of focus and work to be done in a specific area. Like being able to answer emails. Rather than going from one task to another: do blocks of them in sections. You can do blocks of them in many sections. So you will be able to complete the whole faster. As an example, you can copy all your projects at once, rather than page by page.

Expect meeting to be a waste of time for those involved. Whenever possible, kill a meeting. Don’t say anything about you will not attend the meeting. Simply use the time to catch up any extra work you do have.

Last thing: to get closer and closer to that 4hour Workweek (by Timothy Ferris): start the whole by cleaning your office desk, and by moving forward in your life. With all kind of thing on your desk: you will have the impression to feel nervous, and to be exhausted. Rather, put your work in a filing cabinet, and do the job in separate sections. If you want to have more tasks being done in a single day, you will thus need to have the impression you have less work facing you on the desk.

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