This article by Gloria Wendroff offers another way of understanding the zone that artists, athletes, and writers talk about, that place where the flow is so smooth and strong that it feels like it isn’t just you any more, that you have gotten out of the way and something else has taken over. Most of us experience these “in the zone” moments, and seek for ways to re-create them. The added beauty of this type of writing is that it creates a profound meditation on that mysterious relationship between God and Self. If we go deeply enough into our unconscious, will we find a place where there is no distinction?  If God lives in our hearts, then perhaps all we have to do is listen to our hearts to hear God.  Gloria illuminates a path of inquiry through experience, and a way of accessing a richness that is just beyond our normal consciousness.

–Chamaigne Montana, Writers’ Voices Producer and Co-Host

A note from Gloria:

This article contains some of my experience and delight in Godwriting™ as well as the first Godwriting of three people in varied parts of the world. This article isn’t meant to be an instruction manual, nor can it be. Godwriting is more like Narnia. There isn’t a map. You can only go there!


There Is a Boatman to Carry Us Across the River


I always wanted to be a writer. After all, books were my parents. Books fed me, raised me, taught me ideals and gave me hidden clues as to who I might be.

For so many years, I wrote and wrote and rewrote. I was adept at moving words around, but the fact is I didn’t have much to say, and no knack for thinking up plots either. My writing was primarily moving words around. I could rewrite a line of poetry until three in the morning and not get it right. None of this kept me from writing, however – over and over again. There is something about writing –  hard or easy – we have to do it.

I remember craving someone to come along who would give me a plot or theme to write about!

Incredibly, about forty years later, it was like the Greatest Storyteller of All came into my heart and did tell me exactly what to say. No plots however, though my life itself began to hold the twists and turns that fiction writers dream of.

What I call Godwriting, the Voice for God, you might call Higher Consciousness, Inner Voice, Spirit or Divine-writing, this writing from our pens or our laptops at its inspired best – sometimes, but not always — galloping out of us so fast we can hardly keep up with the words of this miraculous writing that come from “somewhere.”

Every day for twelve years, I have been Godwriting™ and sending out the messages I receive to subscribers all over the world and from all walks of life. Twelve years is over 4,000 days! Gradually, over time, I discovered a side benefit —  ALL of my writing got faster and easier!

I didn’t have to do the endless rewriting and moving lines around and going back and forth. My writing became, well, spontaneous. From business letters to poetry to blog to newsletter, pretty much all of my writing takes care of itself now without struggle.

The easy God-given writing I’m doing now is spiritual. But fiction books have been written in the same or similar way. Fannie Flag did not take credit for writing Fried Green Tomatoes. It was an inspired book that came to her. All she had to do was to let it come.

In writing down The Heart of a Gopi, Raihana Tyabji wrote as fast as he could the words he heard whispered from somewhere deep inside. He didn’t know what was going to happen next any more than a reader of a book knows until he turns the page.

Mother Theresa said: “I am a little pencil in God’s hands. He does the thinking. He does the writing. And He writes beautifully.”

Naturally, the writing I speak of comes from a deeper level of truth than our surface knowing or effort. This writing is effortless. It has to be effortless, or it would not be Godwriting. Godwriting cannot be forced. But it can be invited. And once in a while, when we’re lucky, it comes unbidden.

God is the boatman Who ferries us across the river of writing. But to get to the shore of the river, we have to move ourselves over to where the Boatman so patiently waits to take us across.

Elizabeth Gilbert, in Eat, Love, Pray, tells how she got to the river bank while she was sitting on the bathroom floor in despair. Despair and her bathroom floor got her there.

We don’t have to sit on the bathroom floor, nor do we have to be in despair. To hear on this deep level, we don’t have to be anything at all but what we are. A subtle sense of sound, an inner hearing, comes to the fore, and we take a backseat. It’s like we turn the dial of our mind ever so slightly, the same way we fine-tune the dial on a radio station, and the static goes away.

I love what Elizabeth Gilbert writes. Furthermore, I loved the talk she gave on Ted’s Elizabeth tells how genius used to mean a creative spirit that shares the room we write in. In those times, the writer wasn’t a genius. The writer had a genius. The writer couldn’t take the credit. It was understood that all great writing was inspired writing. Today the typical belief is that only a rare person is a genius. In contrast, Elizabeth Gilbert is sure that every one of us has a genius.

I agree with her. I have seen it. I have seen this shift come about in Godwriting workshops across the U.S. and in Greece, Turkey, England, Romania, Germany, and Israel where the publishers from three of those countries, miraculously paid my way so that people in their countries could be introduced to this deep-level writing and come closer to God and all that greater closeness brings with it. Everywhere people, writers and non-writers, found themselves writing down amazing wisdom in their own unique style of writing.

I would like to emphasize that it takes no special talent to Godwrite. It comes from the deeper levels that exist within each one of us. Everyone can plumb those levels. All we have to do is to leave the shores of the known and enter the beautiful and vast Unknown.

At the same time, I’m amazed that Godwriting came to me.  When I really think about it, I can’t quite believe it.  For so many years, I have been receiving beautiful Heavenletters™, and still it hasn’t quite sunk in. That I actually Godwrite seems like one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Yet I know it’s an ordinary process and what is really surprising is that we haven’t been doing this all along.

Here are incredible samples of the first Godwriting samples of three people, one from Fairfield, Iowa, one from Italy, and one from a gentleman in South America who took the Godwriting workshop in Romania!

J., a young woman in Fairfield was positive that she would not be able to Godwrite. She was so sure she couldn’t. Here is her first Godwriting:

J. to God:

Dear God, why am I having so many problems in my personal relationships?


You are not having problems in your relationships. You are reaching out to encompass the world and, in that, losing the identities of those around you. They are as you of mind and body. Free as blossoms floating in air on wind.

Accept all occasions as waves or currents meeting in an ocean, touching and whispering to one another in certain directions but ultimately letting each take their own paths. Love is not lost. Feelings do not change. The heart loves. But as atoms move in the air, so do all mankind.

The following is from a single mother in Italy. Naturally, she heard God in her native Italian. For our benefit, Pitta has translated her first Godwriting from Italian into English. Pitta lets nothing hold her back.

Pitta to God:

My dear God, words one on another and I try to capture them and write them on my paper, and your words more fast than ever. Wonderful, it remembers to me what I have always wish in my life. But words are limits, words close every expressed concept where in imagination is more vast. Meet us here, in that point, where I am aware that You are me.

God to Pitta:

We can talk for all Eternity. I have much time, so you. Meet us on the paper, wonderful, yes. Words close, you tell. They could. But when we meet, also in words, your heart beats in a different way and so doesn’t exist closing. Everything can close or can be an instrument.

Now I give you a secret, a secret not for all yet. Men ask to Me: “God, oh my God what I have to do?”

But they are deaf, because I always reply. “YOU, tell me what YOU want to do, and I will do.”

Men ask Me what they have to do and they complain because I don’t reply them. I say: YOU, YOU, what You want to do? YOU, creator of your life, builder of your creations, what do you want? YOU who have all my instruments, YOU what do you want? What do you want to conclude, obtain, create, reach for? How do you want to mold this unarmed material in your hands?

I AM GOD and I will do all you want. Surprise? Shocking? Thinking well. Isn’t like this that world has gone on during all the time? What, what do you wait again? What signs do you want more? Look around, isn’t full, fullness, the measure of signs? Why do you think I am the responsible when things happen?

YOU tell me what you want, and I will occur for you. If you come wrong doesn’t matter. I am well-disposed to begin forever, infinity times. If it would not be so, if you couldn’t free choice, if I lay down the law, where it could be the Truth We have talk about? How could be the perfect Love? Perfect Love means perfect freedom.

Oneness, if oneness have to really be, doesn’t know Chief. Upsetting? So it is, or it would be not Oneness at all.

Santhan from South America is a yogi, and he refers to God as Bhagavan. In this Godwriting, God talks about Godwriting itself.

Santhan to Bhagavan:

There is an impulse to write.

Bhagavan to Santhan:

You hesitated to write your name, just as you hesitate to write these very words down, wondering who is it that’s writing. I too am Wondering. I am Wondering at the beauty of the moment.

We, and that is to say We in reference to the feeling of you and I, slowly melt into the I.

It’s like lying on the beach on a bright sunny day, with My Sun aligned at the perfect angle with the water so that He shines My Light to reflect on the water in such brilliance that everything is Light. You, the water, the sun and the light all become One.

So it is with Godwriting. We all flow together. All in awe and wonder of our Oneness.

The shower, the blessing of rain that I send you now, those miraculous sparkles of water that I send from the Heaven, the pitter pat of them falling on the tin roof next door, that sound which arises from their falling, the breeze that tickles the leaves in the tree and drifts in through your window to nudge the door which creaks, “Hello!”

The distant rumble of thunder, like a grunt of an old wise sheep dog, the big smile on your beautiful face. They all rejoice and share and bring together a symphony of this miraculous moment.

For the first time you write for your Self. You write for Me. The words flow from you, and you stare with glistening eyes of wonder (and the big smile) at these words that pour out. Fun, isn’t it? Yes, that is all I wish. This practice is a taste of Oneness experiencing Oneness.

The rains flow from the heavens, My heaven, your heaven, My clouds, your clouds, onto the ground, trees roofs and wet sheep dogs.

Oh, yes, it’s pouring now. That is flow. This is flow. It is flow from the Light within. The Light whispers. I whisper. I always whisper. My whisper is a song. I am the vibration, the composer and the instrument. I am experiencing your writing for Me Who is you.

All resistance will soon dissolve as our communication deepens and becomes more consistent. As you learn to look towards the Light within, the flow intensifies. At a certain point which we may call a threshold, you and I are One. It’s where you jump off the cliff. You let go completely to Me. Your awareness dissolves into the Light.

When the desire for Oneness to experience Oneness arises again, you return to awareness of your experiencing Me, yet you will still be flying.

So, beloved, you have begun Godwriting. Hear me, the Old Sheep Dog, chanting My song from the Heavens. Hear Me blessing you with rain. Wonderful, isn’t it? It’s the beauty of following your heart. It comes from an impulse. Like the impulse you have to climb up the stairs and stand on the roof right now. Go.


I am wowed by the writing of brand-new Godwriters.

What I’ve written here barely touches on Godwriting. So many questions remain. Why aren’t we already Godwriting? Why Godwrite? How is Godwriting different from automatic writing, free writing, inner child writing, and channeling? How do we know Godwriting isn’t just our own writing? How much do the two hemispheres of the brain have to do with Godwriting? What do Einstein, St. Catherine of Siena, Bernie Siegel, M.D., Melvin Morse, M.D, the Kaballah. and a Nobel Peace Prize winner have to say that relate to the process I call Godwriting?

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