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This very special Writers’ Voices features discussions with Fairfield, IA artists Betsy Dockhorn, Toni D’Orr, and John Stimson. They will discussing the topic of the Book as Art Form.

Betsy Dockhorn will talk about her ongoing writing-based performance art project involving letters. Toni D’Orr, who creates meticulous tiny handmade books, will discuss her art. Both Betsy and Toni are involved with The Center for the Book, located in Iowa City. They will explain what the Center for the Book is, what it does, and more. Also joining the conversation will be artist John Stimson.


Monica Hadley is co-founder, host and producer of Writers' Voices on KRUU 100.1 fm in Fairfield, Iowa, a community low power radio station, and webmaster at

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