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Some of the most impactful books of the last half-century fall within the genre of visionary fiction. Author Warren Goldie, currently living in Fairfield, Iowa, defines visionary fiction as novels where “…the power of the human mind is a key part of the story. Mystical experiences, visions, profound insights, paranormal experience and all sorts of fascinating phenomena drive the plot and characters—and often point to the truth.”   Books like “Jonathan Livingston Seagull,” “The Celestine Prophecy,” or “Mutant Message Down Under”  exposed eager readers to spiritual concepts in ways that nominally spiritual books may not have accomplished. In “Waking Maya,” Goldie weaves elements such as remote viewing, ESP, and energy vortexes into the plot in a believable way, while telling a compelling story.  In this Writer’s Voices interview from September 5 2014 we hear how the author came to write this book and what makes this genre unique.


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