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Amy Gottlieb fell in love with literature at a young age, and numbers amoung her literary influences Garcia Marquez (100 Years of Solitude), Michael Ondaatje (The English Patient) and Virginia Woolf.

In her debut novel, ‘The Beautiful Possible,” Gottlieb spins a tale that is at heart both a love story and a spiritual journey, but with a deep historical context. From Nazi Germany to India, to the American suburbs,”The Beautiful Possible” spans the globe and the human condition.

Gottlieb has published short fiction and poetry widely and has received several distinguished awards for her writing.

What makes somebody a writer is they fall in love with literature and they love it so much they have to take it on for themselves….Sometimes I’d like to be able to just read for entertainment and enjoy the ride, and I do, but as soon as I find myself getting caught up in it I say “I want to do this, so what do I need to know so I can achieve what this author has.”


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